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Toad Runnerz


Cryptoadz are small amphibious creatures that roam the swampy basin of what was formerly known as Uniswamp. Prior to minting, the Evil King Gremplin captured and exiled their leader, Colonel Floorbin, declaring his divine right to rule over them in the metaverse. This event became known as the “THE CROAKENING.” The original CrypToadz minting freed all 6969 CrypToadz from King Gremplin’s rule. 

A part of the CryptToadz story is now told in our game entitled Toad Runnerz. Contrary to popular belief, the metaverse is no vacation picnic with only rainbows and daisies. Now that the Toadz are free to roam the metaverse, they now must cross deserts dodging tumbleweeds, race over highways avoiding billboards, and swim through the sea avoiding sharks to make it home. It is now up to their owners to guide through these obstacles, all while competing with other game owners for high scores!

  • Drop Count: 4777
  • Amount: 0.089 ETH
  • Releasing: 14th October 4PM Est
  • 1 hour pre-sale for Arcade Classics, Arcade Genesis & Cryptoadz owners (max 1 per wallet)
  • 1280 different rarity traits
  • Playable NFT
  • Tournament running now
  • Sold out in 20 minutes

Previous Drops

Arcade Classics (Sold out)

Arcade Classics is the coming collection of unique Arcade consoles, each with its exquisite design traits both externally and from game view perspective.

  • Drop Count: 5555
  • Amount: 0.075 ETH
  • Released: 7th September
  • Sold out

Arcade Genesis (Sold out)

We’re kicking off our launch with an own exclusive collectable worth keeping for a while…

The righteous owners of our first NFT, will endure highly exclusive & rare airdrops for life.

Additionally, the Genesis Drop will enable several ‘invite only’ drops in the near future. 

  • Drop Count: 500 Pieces
  • Amount: 0.089 ETH
  • Released: 13th August
  • Sold out