During last Christmas holiday a couple of good friends were having some drinks. A few beers into the conversation we started talking about our childhood memories of our secret gaming club and all the nights at the arcade.


Our club was inspired by the movies we used to watch like The Goonies, ET and Stand By Me. As club members, we endured discovering new places in our home town to try out the latest arcade machines.

Since early 2021, we spent every night researching old retro arcades, that have ever been recorded online. We’ve also been reading up about the history of early table board machines, mapping out all the classic multicades and additionally studying board geometry.

We were yet again, obsessed.

Eventually, with the entire shared drive filled with inspirations, and roadmaps we decided it’s time to start building. 

We started to put together sketches and technical drawings of the ultimate; 

Arcade Classics NFT Series. 


After months of testing, designing, development & endless iterations- we finally had a functional interactive NFT concept ready to be deployed and shared with the NFT community at large!

Join us on an adventure where we take the classical arcade games into the future of Non-funglible tokens.  

By combining interactive games with amazing artforms from both new talented artists, renowned creators & famous brands 

We aspire our series of collectables to be fun, unique & addictive to play!